MRA Routeplanner Gold

MyRoute app is an all-in-one route tool.

You can find, create, share, and export routes to your GPS and navigation app – and much more!

The free route planner already offers a lot. But with MRA Route Planner Gold, you can do even more. Route planning is now more fun, more accurate, and even cheaper than ever.

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Welcome to the information page of MRA Routeplanner Gold!

By popular demand, we have created this page to explain the difference between the free MRA Routeplanner Basic and the paid version MRA Routeplanner Gold. On this page you can now also see a preview of ‘Scenic Routing’, our new tour generator. Are you convinced? Then take advantage of one of the temporary offers on this page.

>>Scenic Routing preview

Is this your first time using the MyRoute app?

Then we recommend that you first watch this short video course. In 40 minutes, you will get a good idea of what MyRoute app is and what you can do with it.

MRA Routeplanner Gold

In general, you can say that the free version is sufficient if you mainly drive routes that other people have made or if you occasionally make your own route and simply want to export the routes to your GPS. The paid version is for the enthusiast: the person who enjoys creating routes – also for others – and wants to do this as well and as accurately as possible in various maps that are available for MRA-Gold users. The most important additional features of MRA Routeplanner Gold are explained below.


With MRA Routeplanner Gold, you have not only the standard OpenStreetMap but also the official maps of TomTom and Here (Garmin) at your disposal. This is more important than you might think because every map has its own route calculation. For example, if you have a TomTom, the route you make with the TomTom map will be more accurate than when you make a route in the OpenStreetMap.

In addition to these extra maps with their own route calculation and specific options such as ‘winding route’, as a Gold user, you also have several map layers at your disposal. Each map layer has its own unique properties. For example, the Google Maps map layer contains many places of interest, and the Michelin map layer is acclaimed for its ‘green tourist routes’. See below for a short video instruction on multi-mapping.

Instructional video note

The instructional videos below are recorded in Dutch. You can switch on the subtitles in your own language via the 'settings wheel'.

Compare route with…

In addition to the ‘multi-mapping’ function as discussed above, you can show different route calculations from different maps in a single map. This is quite useful for making the routes the same for TomTom and Garmin drivers, for example. See below for a short video instruction on ’Compare route with’.

Increase, decrease, reverse

Using these convenient functions, you can increase or decrease the number of waypoints in a route with two clicks of the mouse. You can also reverse the route with a single click. See below for a short video instruction on these three functions.


This practical function allows you to split a long route into several stages via a user-friendly interface. This is ideal for preparing multi-day holidays. See below for a short video instruction on the ‘Split’ function.


At the request of many users, we have added a ‘Calculator’. It allows you to calculate the distance and estimated driving time. Handy for deciding when to stop for coffee or lunch. See below for a short video instruction on the ‘Calculator’ function.

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