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Carefree driving and the ability to create accurate routes inspired us to develop our premium navigation app. Points of Interest can be clearly seen on the screen while you enjoy your carefree ride thanks to intelligent navigation based on formation and via points. The new, improved version of MRA Navigation is now available for iOS and Android. After extensive testing, rewriting and refinement, this is the most complete and stable version of MRA Navigation ever.

Award-winning route guidance on your smartphone with the MyRoute app.

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Highlighted features

Phone navigation: a hot topic. Some swear by it while others would never dream of using a navigation app. That is why we have created this separate web page with information about our new navigation app. Experience has shown that MRA Navigation is not just a handy spare GPS, it is a full replacement for your TomTom or Garmin!

Smart navigation

MRA Navigation is the only navigation app that distinguishes between via points and formation points. Formation points 'form' a self-created route. The navigation app will automatically skip these formation points if you miss them. Via points are points to which the navigation app will always navigate. You can use these for your 'stops' and roads that you don't want to miss along the way.

MRA Navigation also shows Points of Interest. These are lovely places from an almost endless library of well-known local and international locations. POIs that you add via MRA Route Planner are also shown on the MRA Navigation screen. Smart and beautiful!

Create smart routes

The powerful built-in route planner makes it easy to create a fantastic route. The smart viewfinder lets you easily and precisely position your route points on the map and its easy-to-use touch design lets you put a route together. You can also adapt existing routes to your own specific needs in this way.

Would you rather create your routes on a big screen? Of course, this can also be done with MRA Route Planner. Routes created using MRA Route Planner are synchronised directly with the navigation app. So you never have to import route files again! Create or search for a route via, put it in your own online route library, select the route, and drive. Smart and fast!

Smart driving together

Do you also find it annoying when friends with traditional GPS devices sometimes end up on a different route than you? This is a common issue. With MRA Navigation, this is finally a thing of the past!

Create or find a route via the MRA Route Planner, create an event via the website, add your friends to the event and place the route in the event. Now you and your friends can open the event in MRA Navigation and select the correct route. That way everyone follows the same route.

The unique combination of MRA Routeplanner, MRA Navigation and MRA Video turn preparing, driving and reminiscing about your trip together into a great party! Smart and social!

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On Tuesday, June 29, 2021 we will organize a preview party via Zoom. You can watch and react live via Facebook. During the preview party, House presenter Serge will present the progress of MRA Navigation 2.0. Among other things, a live demonstration of Apple Carplay and other new unique features will be discussed.

Dutch preview party starts at 20:00 Dutch time (CEST)
English preview party starts at 20:00 UK time (GMT+1)

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Coming soon!

MRA Navigation is a product of MyRoute-app, the #1 all-in-one route platform. All our products are further developed with the help of the MRA Community. There is a lot of demand from the Community for the features below and that is precisely why we are going to implement these functionalities this year!

Apple Carplay

Does your vehicle support Apple Carplay? Then you will soon be able to enjoy all the useful features of MRA Navigation!

Round trips

A nice round trip in a few clicks? The skilful programmers of MyRoute-app are working hard to achieve this!

Routes nearby

Don't want to create a route yourself? Then look for nearby routes! Created and tested by MRA RouteXperts!

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The most powerful navigation app on the go.

MRA Navigation allows you to navigate, track, add photos and create routes. It is even easier and more user-friendly than the navigation systems you are already used to. MRA Navigation uses the very best maps currently available. Our navigation uses the same HERE map material as the well-known and very comprehensive Garmin navigation systems. The maps are also available offline.

MRA Navigation is a premium navigation system for recreational travel enthusiasts.

Featured reviews

At 39.99 euros for three years it's a very expensive app, but if you want a GPS on your phone then this is the app you should have.

— Motorcyclists Touring Magazine

Yes, the MyRoute-app Navigation is expensive. But you can try it for 14 days and then you will know that this app will not only take you to the office every day, but also through Spain for three weeks.

- Ride Magazine

What can you expect? A beautifully designed navigation app with a user-friendly interface and large control buttons. And you can create routes yourself. They are also accurate routes because we have been working with the desktop version of MyRoute-app for over a year


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MRA Navigation has been completely revamped and we celebrate that with these great introductory offers. Buy 1 year from €19 now for only €9.95! Take advantage now and enjoy the most powerful navigation app for lovers of precise driving of recreational routes.

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